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music is my boyfriend

29 June
1984, 5678s, 80s matchbox b-line disaster, acting, audrey hepburn, audrey ii, audrey tatou, bad influences, badges, bagels, bakelite, bang-bang gang, beatlemania, big hats, big sunglasses, bill murray, black and white, blondie, bob dylan, brad and janet, brave new world, broken english, bubblegum, cheap jewellery, chris knox, chuck berry, coen brothers films, coffee, coffee & cigarettes, comme des garcons, cowboys and indians, debbie harry, dentists, detroit rock city, diners, dr pepper, drama kings and queens, elvis, fake blood, fake fifties diners, falafel, fargo, flying nun, fonzie, frogs, garage sales, george harrison, ghost world, hairclips, hat boxes, hello kitty, hot hot heat, iggy pop, indie films, issey miyake, jack white, jerry lee lewis, jimmy dean, karen o, keith richards, knitting, leopard print, look blue go purple, lou reed, magnetic fields, maltesers, marlon brando, mittens, mod boys, monster trucks, moog rock, moschino, nelson, nuclear war, nudie suits, odd socks, paul mccartney, pavement, polka dots, polyphonic spree, poodle skirts, prep, propaganda, ramona the pest, ramones, red shoes, rei kawakubo, reptar, richard hell, riff randell, ringo starr, robert smith, rock and/or roll, rock'n'roll highschool, rocky horror picture show, ron howard, rusty spoons, salad fingers, sam hunt, sewing, shayne carter, sheena, sheena and the rokkets, shoes, shoes with buckles, sidecars, sit on it, skinny boys, skullbucket, smudged eyeliner, stencils, steve buscemi, steve martin, steven malkmus, stockard channing, stovepipes, sushi, t-shirts, talking heads, teenage kicks, the 1950s, the 1980s, the 3ds, the bats, the cure, the fast cars, the flaming lips, the little prince, the rolling stones, the stooges, the verlaines, the voidoids, the white stripes, tokyo, twiggy, ugly ducklings, uncomfortable clothes, under milk wood, velma kelly, velvet underground, vintage, vinyl records, vivienne westwood, wilco, world, yeah yeah yeahs, yellow submarine